Oriental Are rugs

If you have area rugs that tie your rooms décor together then you may, at times, need to have them cleaned. However, you may be somewhat apprehensive about allowing anyone to handle your delicate Oriental area rugs. At Carpet Steamers, we can certainly understand why you would be. Not everyone will take such good care of your area rugs when in their care than we will. We are the preferred carpet cleaners in Las Vegas because we treat our customer’s carpeting and rugs, as though they were our own. You can expect the best results from our efforts. We treat the follwoing types of rugs: Oriental, Antique, Chinese, Turkish, Animal Hides, Wool, Persian, Silk, & Tapestries.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

First we check out the rug on a minute level, measuring and inspecting for spots, stains, burns or even holes. We perform pH and dye transfer tests to ensure that we do not cause damage to your rug in the process of cleaning it. We then execute a preliminary vacuum to remove any hidden loose dirt or pet hair, using our high-impact dusting system: Rugbadger®. Next we pre-spot the rug in order to break down set-in stains. As always, we use a specially-formulated shampoo-cleanser before breaking out our triple-planetary rotary machine to clear away any remaining debris. Lastly, we perform a hot-water vacuum rinse. We quick-dry your rug while cleaning up the rest of our materials. If your rug has fringes around the sides, our professional rug and carpet cleaning crew will carefully brush them out and shampoo them to restore their original color and texture.

Maintaining Your Area Rugs

The best and most practical way to keep your area rugs clean and always looking their absolute best is by allowing us to maintain them for you. Our carpet cleaners will be happy to treat and clean your area rugs as often as you would like. However, some shouldn’t be cleaned as often as others, as it could ruin the fibers of the rug. We will let you know how often we recommend that you have your area rugs cleaned based on the level of traffic you receive, and the fibers of your rugs.
Once we complete the job of cleaning your area rug, we hang them up to properly dry. Once they have dried, we correctly comb the nap of the rug to reset it. The rug is later vacuumed one more time before we deliver it back to your home. After we roll out your rug, we will also deodorize it and use enzymes that help control any odors that come from it. Since some area rugs are more delicate than others, we only recommend that you allow a qualified professional to handle your area rug cleanings